Matriculation Address


The Pro- Chancellor
Members of the Governing Council
Principal Officers of the University
Heads of Department
Members of Staff
Matriculating Students
Parents & Guardians
Highly Distinguished Guests
Gentlemen of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen

I joyfully welcome this august gathering of our fresh students, their guardians, sponsors, our highly distinguished guests and the Evangel University Community to our 11th Matriculation Ceremony. Consistent with age long tradition, matriculation marks the formal admission of a student to membership of the University and all freshmen and women for matriculation must subscribe to the Statute and Ordinance of the University. It is one of the two most important ceremonies that a student must attend. The other one is the Convocation Ceremony which marks the end of the student’s academic programme. In keeping with our avowed tradition and mission to produce the total man, our students are required to dress formally in accordance with Departmental dress codes, gowns and caps without hoods to this ceremony.

Admissions for the 2022/2023 Academic Session started immediately after the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) released the result of the 2022/2023 examination. Senate of Evangel University had planned the Calendar of the current Session to commence from October 2022 and end in July 2023.We are complying with that approved Calendar even with the compulsory vacation imposed by the exigencies of the National election in March 2023. Today, we shall be matriculating four hundred and twenty-seven (427) students who have been duly offered admissions into our Colleges of Science, Health Sciences, Management Sciences, Arts, and Social Sciences. We are unable to admit all persons that sought for admissions into Evangel University (EU) because of the quotas given by Professional Regulatory Authorities for courses in the College of Health Sciences. All courses offered in EU have Full Accreditation of the National Universities Commission except one which has Interim accreditation. Also all Professional courses run in the University are accredited by their respective Professional Bodies.

The University and its Core Values
We are focused in the realization of the vision of the founding fathers of the University; which is “to give total education to the total man and so produce graduates who shall be equipped and motivated to be Leaders and role models in Nigeria’s public and private sectors and so be instrumental and deeply involved in bringing about the much needed development in Nigeria with the fear of God”. We are in a hurry to tell the world that we produce the human capital that fits the bill in Nigerian society and in deed globally.

Please permit me to restate that our tuition fees are the least among Private Universities in Nigeria. Our Proprietor, Assemblies of God Nigeria, subsidizes fees of students in this University. Internet access is available at no extra cost to all registered students as well as staff. Lecture schedules are strictly followed. Students are accordingly counselled to take advantage of these to work very hard to justify the investment made on them by their sponsors and the Proprietor.

Students are advised to work very hard to justify the huge expenditure invested in your training. Do not rely on luck because good luck is said to be like a Lift, while hard work is like Stairs. Lift may fail but Stairs will take you to the Top. The grace of God shall see you through.

Security and Safety
Security and safety are national problems in Nigeria these days and the University administration takes them very seriously. Students are warned to avoid frequent trips out of the Campus except when it is unavoidable. Students are warned to be very cautious while crossing the Enugu- Abakaliki Express Way Junction leading into our University. Additionally, students and members of the University Community are warned not to stop there when it is dark as many have been robbed at that point when it is dark. Students are advised to adhere to the Security Tips issued by the Security Department of the University.

Rules and Regulations
In the course of the Orientation Programme organized by the Division of Students Affairs, attention of fresh students were drawn to our Rules and Regulations of Studentship in Evangel University. Be reminded that we are a highly disciplined community. All University Rules and Regulations MUST be complied with. Chapel attendance is mandatory to give the student the moral and spiritual part that add to the intellectual/academic part for the moulding of “The Total Man”. All freshmen must therefore, be very conversant with the Regulations guiding their studentship. We do not make pretenses about our strict observance of no smoking, no alcoholic beverage consumption, sexual immorality, examination misconduct, cultism and fighting, to name but a few.

Cooking in the hostel is highly prohibited. Staying outside the Hostels beyond 10.00pm without prior authorization, is not permitted. Additionally, Senate has banned possession of razor blades, table fork, jack knives and sharp objects that may be used to inflict serious injury on any person. Contravention of dress codes attract punishments.

Finally, I want to once again welcome our freshmen and women to our University where the youths are nurtured to become Total Men that lead the world forward and assure them that our highly committed staff and I are poised to make their experience at Evangel University a joyful one. I pray for journey mercies for our parents, guardians and our highly distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen who graced the occasion with their esteemed presence.

God bless you.

Professor I U Kalu
Vice Chancellor